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How to Build a Wiggle Bot to Teach Engineering and Design

Elementary/Middle School

Get ready to wiggle and have a whole lot of fun with engineering and design. 

TeacherGeek Wiggle Bots make it easy to encourage students to build, make, create, and innovate as they build, test, and evolve a real working bot. 

Using just a few simple tools, students will:

  • Utilize the design engineering process
  • Encourage innovation, creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving
  • Learn about push and pull forces, wind, and sail design
  • Apply the scientific method

This step-by-step video will show you just a few options for how to build your Wiggle Bot - but the possibilities are endless. 

Get inspired here, and then build your own! 

Ready to wiggle?

Get the kit and check out even more engineering kits to practice inquiry in action here.