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Get the 4-in-1 Stream Table Power Pack!

Middle School & High School

Using stream tables in the classroom is an excellent way for students to learn about geology, hydrology, and environmental science in a vivid and hands-on way. That’s why we’re excited to share The Stream Table Power Pack, which has four outstanding resources that make using stream tables simple and engaging. These solutions work best for teachers who want to make things easier and save time —which is pretty much everybody! The budding geologists in your class will love wading through water flow dynamics and sediment behavior in a realistic environment they control.

Stream Table Power Pack: Let’s dive in!
The Stream Table Power Pack includes everything you need to bring the complex processes of earth science to life. Here are the links to each Power Pack component:

  1. Buying Guide for Stream Tables and Accessories: Our detailed guide helps you select the perfect stream table model and accessories for your classroom. Whether you’re looking for a basic setup or advanced features, our guide simplifies the decision-making process and helps equip you with everything you need so you can focus on teaching. 

  2. Engaging Stream Table Activity: Dive into a specially designed activity that encourages students to explore various flow rates and sediment types to observe erosion, deposition, and river formation. This activity not only supports learning objectives but also sparks curiosity and discussion among students.

  3.  How to Use a Stream Table Video: This instructional video walks you through setting up and using your stream table effectively step-by-step. It’s perfect for beginners and seasoned educators looking to refresh their approach.

  4. Soil Types Article, Free Poster, and Activities: Explore exclusive content detailing different soil types and their properties. Accompanying activities allow students to engage directly with the material to uncover how different soils impact water flow and sediment transport.

Discover More with Different Sediments! 
We’ve left no stone unturned in our quest to help you maximize  stream table activities in the classroom. That’s why we offer the widest variety and sizes of sediments, to better demonstrate real-world scenarios  and directly compare how water interacts with different substrates, enhancing students’ understanding and critical thinking. 

Check out the Buying Guide for the details. So, whether you’re replenishing your existing stream table or starting fresh, our sediment variety packs ROCK!

Downstream or upstream, Ward’s has got you covered for all your stream table needs. 
Use and share The Stream Table Power Pack  to help your students uncover the wonders of geological processes through interactive, hands-on learning.