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NGSS Resource Roundup: Free Lesson Plans, Activities & Downloads

All Grade Levels

“I have plenty of time to sift through mountains of information to find NGSS-aligned resources,” said no teacher ever!

The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) aim to advance science teaching and learning with three-dimensional instruction and learning based on phenomena, research, and inquiry. However, teachers know it takes time to find resources and activities well-suited to NGSS's carefully designed learning experiences. 

Have no fear; Ward’s World is here! Ward’s World is an excellent resource for NGSS-aligned lesson plans and content for your classroom. Some of which have been submitted by teachers like you through our Science by You program.

Check out these NGSS-aligned resources we’ve rounded up as examples:


  • Japanese Beetle Lesson Plan
    This simple, one-day activity answers that question while helping young scholars build the skills to gather, analyze, interpret, and report scientific data. A 20-point scoring rubric is included for easy grading.


  • Transfer of Thermal Energy
    A quick activity that uses popcorn to uncover three ways heat can be transferred – conduction, convection, and radiation. They’ll learn about thermal energy, you’ll get a great-smelling classroom, and everyone gets to eat the results.

  • Periodic Table of Candy Lesson Plan
    This simple 15-minute activity asks students to organize candies according to different properties. They’ll face some of the same challenges that Dmitri Mendeleev faced when trying to organize the chemical elements over 150 years ago.

  • Density of Tootsie Rolls Lesson Plan
    This 45-minute activity is an easy and appetizing introduction to calculating density – and all you need are some Tootsie Rolls, a graduated cylinder, a balance or scale, and some weighing paper.

Earth Science/Geology


  • Mole Day Lesson Plan
    Mole-ympic Games Triathlon in which students break into teams to define, measure, and identify a mole of material through three separate events.

These are just a few NGSS-aligned resources on Word’s World that are sure to interest students and help them make relevant, lasting connections between science and the world around them.

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Students will use their knowledge of density to predict and then test which blocks will sink or float when placed in water and determine the mass, volume, and density of each block.

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In this activity, students explore methods to treat wastewater by creating a laboratory model that simulates large-scale commercial water treatment methods.

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