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Burning genes to a CRISPR: a genetics activity

Middle School/High School

We can’t think of a better way to compel students to pay attention to their genetics lesson than by using dragons. In this extension of our Dragon Genetics Kit, your students will be using a simple representation of CRISPR—the latest gene-editing tool in modern biological research.

Not only can CRISPR be used to treat genetic diseases and cancer … develop new drugs … create organs for transplant … and modify foods; it can also be used to genetically modify a hornless dragon embryo to a horned one. Imagine that! Except, you don’t have to imagine it when you have Ward’s Dragon Genetics Kit and this lesson plan. Your students will pay attention to this genetics activity.

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Ward's® Dragon Genetics Kit CRISPR activity

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Using dragons of various shapes and sizes, students learn about dominant alleles, phenotypes, and other fundamentals of genetics.

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