4-in-1 Biology Power Pack; Free Download


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How do living things work? That’s probably the most asked question by science students over the past five centuries…well, it surely makes the top 10 list of questions.

From reproduction to respiration, molecules to animals, and cells to ecosystems, your lesson plans help students discover how living things work. Your hands-on activities even help them think like real-world biologists and use scientific methods.

Students will be excited to know more about this fascinating, ever-evolving field of study, whether it's a middle school or high school biology class.

Download the 4-in-1 Biology Power Pack to help students unlock the mysteries of how life works.

The Power Pack includes:

  1. Double (helix) the fun with this DNA activity
    This hands-on activity uses common household supplies to teach students a technique for extracting the genetic code that makes them who they are—a skill they'll want to under-STRAND.
  2. How to teach osmosis and diffusion with agar cubes – a free activity
    Students can use cubes of agar in this activity to model how diffusion occurs in cells and investigate how size impacts diffusion.
  3. When fleas take energy drinks: a biology activity
    Students calculate the heart rate of the water flea Daphnia as it’s exposed to the ingredients of an energy drink, compared to a control.
  4. How to make your own algae beads and have a ball studying photosynthesis
    Helps students understand the most important biochemical processes for life on Earth with the help of home-grown algae and a Bicarbonate Indicator solution.

These biology resources are the perfect way to support your lesson plans and make learning exciting for your students.

If you have questions or need additional support, we're always here to help from our science labs to yours, email sciencehelp@vwr.com for personalized product support.

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