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Don’t watch this if your school already has enough money

Ok. Since you’re still reading, we wanted to let you know that, right this very minute, schools all over this great country of ours are being awarded thousands of dollars in education grants with help from the Grants and Funding Services department at Ward’s Science. And unless your school already has all the cash it needs (wink, wink) we’d love to help you win a grant too. Our services are completely complementary, so don’t wait a minute longer. Just check out this article to get started: Ward’s Science — Connecting Over 150 years of science exploration to tomorrow’s innovation.Don’t forget to subscribe and hit the bell button so you’ll always know when our newest new videos are available: For information on any products or services seen in this video, visit us at Check out Ward’s World for a never-ending stream of ideas and inspiration for making science fun: And follow us on social media for the very latest in the world of science education: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Pinterest: