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Experts Pick Their Favorite Lab Slides

Putting that “Wow!” factor into a student’s lab experience is a home run for every science teacher. And what’s more exciting than that first moment when a cool lab slide comes into focus? When we asked the technicians in the Ward’s Science microscope slides lab, which slides make them smile every time, they had no trouble singling out their favorites. So, what are the top lab slides chosen by experts from Ward’s lab that will also amaze and engage the students in your classroom? Check out our video to find out! Ward’s Science supplies microscope slides for cytology, histology, and general microbiology applications. We construct glass microscope slides for staining experiments out of high-quality sheet glass and soda-lime glass; economical options include disposable clear vinyl or standard sheet glass slides. Choose plain or frosted products with or without coverslips. To help keep things organized, Ward’s offers clipped or beveled corners and color-coded and markable slides. Purchase blank slides or prepared microscope slides in your choice of dimensions and thickness in packs or larger cases. Storage boxes for microscope slides of various sizes and materials are also available. As always, if you have questions about fossils or anything else, just ask the Ward’s Science Plus Us team at Our in-house scientists and technicians are ready to answer even the toughest inquiries. Ward’s Science — Connecting Over 150 years of science exploration to tomorrow’s innovation. Don’t forget to subscribe and hit the bell button so you’ll always know when our newest new videos are available: For information on any products or services seen in this video, visit us at Check out Ward’s World for a never-ending stream of ideas and inspiration for making science fun: And follow us on social media for the very latest in the world of science education: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Pinterest: