Microscope cleaning, care and maintenance - tips to keep your scopes in tip-top shape.

Elementary/Middle School/High School

Trouble viewing your specimens? Finding it hard to focus your microscope? Wondering how to keep your scopes clean and working like new?

In this pre-recorded webinar segment, we'll show you how to solve common troubleshooting challenges, and take proper care of your microscopes so they'll take care of you for years to come. 

Have a unique question or microscope problem that needs fixing? Let the Ward's Science Plus Us team help. 

Email your questions to sciencehelp@vwr.com, or learn more about our lifetime warranty and no-cost repair service on all Boreal microscopes from Ward's Science. 

Learn more about microscopes:

Compare compound microscope features with this handy guide.

Find the best microscope model for your grade level and teaching needs.

Shop for microscopes.

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Microscopes - your questions answered.
Microscopes - your questions answered.

Got questions about microscopes? We've got answers. Watch this pre-recorded webinar to hear the answers to ...

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