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26 hands-on science activities to do at home or school – plus a FREE 5-in-1 Science Activity Power Pack

Science activities

Pop! Whir! Fizz! Gurgle, gurgle, gurgle. Those are the exciting sounds of science made by students using Ward's Science activities posted here over the past few months.

Our mission is to share tips, ideas, and resources that help you inspire students and guide discovery and learning. That's why many of the blogs we post on Ward's World include fun, hands-on STEM activities for the classroom and distance learning. From DNA, osmosis, algae beads, and minerals to photosynthesis, marine life, and moon phases, Ward's World is packed full of activities that help you engage the budding scientists in your class.

If you're suffering from a severe case of FOMO right now, don't worry, we gotchu!

To keep you in the loop, we've compiled the list below containing 26 of our most popular activities; a suppliance of science, if you will! We've also created a 5-in-1-Science Activity Power Pack for you to download. The Power Packs include five popular science activities in a range of fields, all in a single document, to make it easy to organize and share.

Download the shareable All-In-One Activity resource file here:

Download Lesson


Explore all these topics and activities with your students, no more missing out!


  1.  Styrofoam cups vanish into thin air with this activity
  2.  Set the kitchen table for science time
  3.  Our favorite free online resources for science teachers
  4.  For chemistry teachers who want a fun way to teach pH
  5.  The sweet smell of success: a lesson plan on esters and organic synthesis
  6.  Go for the gold at the Mole-ympic Games: A Mole Day chemistry lesson plan.
  7.  I'm just here for the popcorn: A heat transfer lesson plan.
  8.  Chemistry Lab Activities
  9.  The periodic table of candy: A chemistry lesson plan.
  10.  Density has never been more delicious: A high school lesson plan.


  1.  Think outside the box with these outdoor science activities
  2.  How does handwashing help prevent illness? The science of soap.
  3.  How to teach osmosis and diffusion with agar cubes – a free activity
  4.  When fleas take energy drinks: a biology activity
  5.  Predicting pigments: a biology activity for fall
  6.  Keeping it clean: a lesson plan on aseptic technique
  7.  The thorny problem – a Japanese beetle lesson plan.
  8.  A spectacular ocean view – marine mural lesson plan.
  9.  Foliage findings – a leaf pigment lesson plan.


  1.  Hovercrafts aren't just science friction with this activity
  2.  Physics Equipment & Activities
  3. Discovering exoplanets in a galaxy not so near you – a free activity

Geology & Earth Science

  1. Looks like a moon but tastes like a cookie, it's a moon phase activity
  2. Heat things up with this greenhouse effect activity
  3. Rockhounds agree - this mineral activity rocks
  4. Discovering exoplanets in a galaxy not so near you – a free activity

Be sure to share these activities with your colleagues, so they don't miss anything, FOMO is contagious. Also, keep an eye out for more 5-in-1 Science Activity Power Packs soon.


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