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How to Use Visual Aides for Qualitative Analysis of Quantum Physics

High School

Viewing an abstract piece of artwork can be enjoyable (depending on your taste in art). 

Trying to teach abstract physics concepts like quantum mechanics and particle in a box to a highly-visual generation of high school students raised on Instagram is, well, not so enjoyable...unless you have the right tools up your sleeve.

In this video, we'll show you how to turn the particle in a box model from an abstract concept into a colorful visual representation of quantum physics. Using our Quantum Dots apparatus, an LED light source, and a spectrometer we'll walk you through the steps to showcase this phenomenon in action and provide an introduction to the particle in a box model with qualitative observation and analysis.

The results are so vivid, your students may just find it worthy of posting to their Instagram feed -  after they see and understand the basics of quantum mechanics, of course.

Get the activity.