Ice, ice, bubble - a dry ice sublimation demonstration

Middle School/High School

Ready to be the coolest teacher at your school? Just kick off your sublimation lesson with this crowd-pleasing demo. 

A special effects staple on concert stages everywhere and often used in ice cream parlor freezer cases to create that smoky-cool effect, dry ice (the solid form of carbon dioxide) gives off its signature smog when it undergoes the process of sublimation. Sublimation is when a solid absorbs heat energy from its surroundings and turns directly into a gas, skipping the liquid phase. 

Watch as we show you how to re-create the ice-cream parlor-effect in your own classroom and demonstrate sublimation in action. All you need are a few simple ingredients - dry ice, water, and bubble solution.

Don't forget - while dry ice is relatively safe to handle, we always recommend using proper safety equipment such as goggles, tongs, and gloves.



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