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The Scientific Method Powers Learning: Download Poster Set Now!

All Grade Levels

Humans face a world of questions every day. To find answers, we’ve developed a systematic approach (aka the scientific method) to help us explore these questions in a structured and empirical way. Science is not only a body of knowledge but also a process of discovery and understanding driven by the scientific method. Students can gain an appreciation for why it’s the perfect way to explore, discover, and understand the world around them.

And, our own research shows that teachers like you would appreciate having a colorful Scientific Method Poster Set to enrich their classrooms.

The scientific method consists of six essential steps that guide students from curiosity to conclusion:

  1. Ask Questions: Every scientific journey begins with curiosity. Good questions are the foundation of scientific learning. Encourage your students to think critically and ask questions that spark a desire for discovery.
  2. Research: Equip your students with the skills to seek information beyond the first page of Google results. Researching provides a deeper understanding of the context and background of their questions.
  3. Hypothesize: Based on their research, students should make educated guesses or hypotheses about what they think will happen in their experiments. This step transforms their curiosity into a testable statement.
  4. Experiment: This is where the action happens! Students design and conduct experiments to test their hypotheses. It’s all about trial and error and hands-on learning.
  5. Analyze: After the experiments, it's time to look at the data. Students should learn how to interpret their results and understand what the numbers tell them.
  6. Share: Knowledge and confidence grow through sharing. Students should present their findings to learn how to communicate their process and results effectively.

Fun Fact: The Scientific Method

1.    Was shaped by great minds like Galileo and Sir Francis Bacon in the 16th and 17th centuries.
2.    Is used in many fields outside of science, including business, to solve complex problems.
3.    Can be a non-linear and iterative process, adapting to findings as research progresses.

Using the Scientific Method Posters in Your Classroom

Use the scientific method poster set for:

  • Wall Displays: Brighten your classroom walls with large prints of each step, creating a vibrant learning environment.
  • Learning Stations: Set up stations around the room for each step so students can engage actively with each phase of the scientific method.
  • Interactive Notebooks: Give students individual one-pagers of the scientific method to glue into their lab notebooks, reinforcing the steps through personal interaction.

Apply The Scientific Method

Start with hands-on inquiry-based learning to utilize the scientific method. Practical applications help build critical thinking and analytical skills. Whether a basic elementary experiment or a complex high school project, the scientific method provides a structured path to inquiry and learning.

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