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How to make your own algae beads and have a ball studying photosynthesis

Middle School/High School

Your students might think algae beads are used as some kind of weird slimy jewelry—or something that comes on sushi (and they’d be half right, we suppose). Little do they know, you’ll be using algae beads for something far more nefarious: to help them study photosynthesis and respiration!

This activity helps 6th through 12th graders understand the most important biochemical processes for life on Earth, with the help of home-grown algae and a Bicarbonate Indicator solution. Fully prepped after a month-long incubation period, this hour-long activity grabs and keeps student attention so well, it just might leave some of the other science teachers in your school a little green with envy.

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Want to skip the bead-making and dive right into your photosynthesis lesson?  We've got you covered.

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