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All About Science Olympiad: How to Start a Team, Tips for New Coaches, and More

Middle School/High School

Looking for an exciting way to bring your most passionate science students together for creative problem solving, teamwork, friendship, and science fun outside the classroom?

Science Olympiad team may be just the ticket. 

Whether you've never heard of Science Olympiad, or you're familiar with the program and ready to get in on the action, this video will walk you through everything you need to know - from starting a team at your school, to tips and advice for new coaches and teams, to how to get involved as a parent or volunteer. 

Packed with tons of valuable information straight from the source - Science Olympiad - this informative session will help you hit the ground running with a successful Science Olympiad program that makes science and technology fun and creates lifelong memories. 

Here are just a few tips for starting and growing your Science Olympiad team:

  • Students drive success! This voluntary program is all about the students - let their passion for science, leadership and problem solving drive the success of your team.
  • Find a coach.  If you're not coaching the team yourself, ask a science, math, technology or computer teacher at your school to become a coach
  • Ask about available funding.  While Science Olympiad can be a low-cost extracurricular program, you may need some funding to start and run your team. Ask your principal about available budget for after-school programs, or apply for one of many grant opportunities just for Science Olympiad. We can help!
  • Get parents involved. Whether it's providing rides to practice, chaperones at competition, creating a schedule, or providing snacks to power through long brainstorming sessions - it takes a village to run a successful Science Olympiad team, so don't be afraid to ask for support!
  • Use your Science Olympiad state chapter and national organization as a resource. With tons of free videos, resources, and content to help you start, grow, and spread the word about your Science Olympiad program, the Science Olympiad national organization is here to empower you with the tools you need. Learn more here, and check out their YouTube channel for more videos and resources.
  • Get the right tools.  You could go from store to store to find all the materials you need to match event rules and regulations - or you can get them all in one kit and spend the time you saved practicing for competition.  Science Olympiad Kits from Ward's Science are officially licensed by Science Olympiad and include all materials and instructions to match official events. 

Watch the video above to learn even more!

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