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8 teachers share their favorite ways to use our products

Ward’s Science supplies

Elementary / Middle School / High School

It’s no secret that teachers learn best from other teachers. That’s why we asked eight science teachers to share their favorite ways they use our materials and services to inspire their students and save precious time in the classroom. Because who wants to spend their lunch period thinking of new lesson ideas when you could be (gasp!) eating lunch?

From creative new ways to study separation of mixtures to hands-on STEM ideas, to tips and tricks for saving money on science supplies, these real-life teachers have thought of it all, so you don’t have to. And, today they’re sharing all their insider knowledge with you.

Head over to their sites to check it all out!

1.  Vicki Davis, “Save money on easy, awesome science projects,” The Cool Cat Teacher Blog

2.  Kelly Walsh, Cool classroom STEM products-Ward’s Science Drone,” Emerging Ed Tech 

3.  Rebecca Fanucci, Karyotype station activities,” Science Lessons That Roc

4.  Mrs. Harris, Must have science supplies,” Mrs. Harris Teaches

5.  Angela McByrdSpice Up STEM In Your Classroom With These Kits,” The Woke STEM Teacher

6.  Josie Bensko, Mystery Microscopes,”  Maniacs in the Middle

7.  Amy Mascott, Ward’s Science: grants, lessons, products and more,” Teach Mama

8.  Jacqui Murray, Ward’s Science–So Many STEM Resources,” Ask a Tech Teacher

Ward’s Science thanks these passionate educators who take the time to investigate, use, and report on science products and technology, to help teachers like you. Bookmark their blogs to stay connected.

As always, if you have questions about fossils or anything else, ask the Ward’s Science Plus Us team at Our in-house scientists and technicians are ready to answer even the toughest inquiries.