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+ ward ' s science Page 1 Recommended Grade Level(s): Appropriate for: Chemistry, grade 9–10 Time Requirements: Activity Time: 60 minutes Teaching Topics & Concepts: • Comparing the properties of acids and bases • Comparing the properties of heterogeneous and homogeneous mixtures • Comparing the properties of suspensions, colloids and solutions • Discussion of solutions as they pertain to gases and solids as solvents • Analyzing the parts of a solution and the role of water in the dissolving process • Identification of three factors that speed up the dissolving rate of a solute in a solvent Learning Objectives: • Students will investigate the difference between acids and bases, and buffer solutions • Students will investigate the effects of changes in blood pH on homeostasis in the body • Students will investigate the difference between mixtures and a solutions. • Students will learn about the characteristics of heterogeneous and homogeneous mixtures. • Students will review the ability of water to act as a solvent in the dissolving process. • Students will be able to explain the differences between a solute, solvent, and solution. • Students differentiate if the specific solution of blood is an acid or base • Students differentiate if the specific solution of blood is a suspension or colloid. • Students will draw conclusions about the Tyndall Effect and apply it to blood in the human body Safety • Students and teachers should use proper lab safety equipment, such as safety goggles, tying back long hair, no dangling jewelry, proper footwear, etc. Teachers should review with students to never put anything in their mouth, such as eating or drinking in the lab, and review wafting with all students prior to the lab. Additional safety precautions would be to avoid contact with eyes/exposed skin. ! Blood as a Solution Submitted by: Lauren H. This content is being brought to you by the Ward's World, Science By You program. This program brings lesson and classroom activity ideas directly from science teachers around the nation right to you. From best practices to activities, Science by You offers inspiration for every subject and every grade level. Interested in sharing your own content? Learn how today. PMS200 Black 70% Cool Gray 10 Black Astra Regular get for free from dafont.com

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