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+ ward ' s science Page 2 Lesson Objective: Students will: • Research aspects of your Zone/Habitat, including the physical characteristics and the organisms living on/or around one; and • Create a mural or diorama replicating that zone, a zone food web, world locations and the threats facing your zone today. Each group will create their own mural, diorama (model), or combination of both. Group make-up should try to include a mix of skills: research, writing, organization, and drawing/creating. Groups will consist of 5 or 6 people depending on class size. The final product will be graded on multiple levels. The scoring breakdown will be included in the specific instructions. Be aware that you will be graded on your facts, accuracy, creativity, neatness, group & individual participation. Procedure: Design: the basic mural design will show the required information as follows: If your group decides to create a diorama, it can replace the community section of the mural. The food web and threats panels would still be required to be part of the project. *****ALL ORGANISMS IN YOUR ZONE MUST BE IDENTIFIED WITH THEIR COMMON NAME (possible extra credit for correct scientific genus & species names)***** Zones & Habitats = Coral Reef, Mangroves & Estuaries, Sandy/Rocky Shores, Open ocean, The Abyss, Hydrothermal Vents, Salt Marsh & Mud Flats Project specifications: Maximum points = 72 Part 1: Food Web (2 people) • Create a drawing of zone food web that includes the following levels of organisms and how they interact. You may use individual color pictures of the organisms, but they must be attached neatly. – Primary Producer(s) 2 pt – Secondary Producer (minimum one) 2 pt – Primary Consumer (minimum 4 herbivores) 4 pt – Primary Predator (minimum 3) 3 pt – Secondary Predator (minimum 3) 3 pt – Tertiary (Apex) Predator (minimum 2) 2 pt – Where do humans fit in? 1 pt 17 pt Marine Zones & Habitats Mural/Diorama (student handout) Zone food web Zone community Threats & maps

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