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Laboratory Safety Contract + ward ' s science The science laboratory is a place of discovery and investigation. One of the first things students discover is that learning in a laboratory is an exciting experience. The laboratory can also be a dangerous place to work if proper safety rules are not established and followed. The purpose of this contract is to establish a set of rules and guidelines that students must follow at all times. Each student is responsible for reading, understanding and signing this document before they will be allowed to participate in any activities within the laboratory. A parent or guardian must also sign this document to ensure they are aware of all laboratory expectations. A second copy of this document should be kept in the student' 's' laboratory notebook to be referenced throughout the year. General Safety Expectations 1. Understand the experimental procedure before starting to work in the laboratory/classroom. 2. Become familiar with the properties and hazards of the chemicals in use. 3. Obey all safety rules and regulations. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment as instructed. 4. Clean your work area immediately after use. Obey good housekeeping practices. 5. Do not engage in inappropriate behavior. 6. Conduct only the experiments assigned by the instructor. Never perform unauthorized or unsupervised experiments. 7. Never remove chemicals from the laboratory/classroom. 8. Never work in the laboratory/classroom unless authorized to do so. Never work alone in the laboratory. 9. Report chemical spills and accidents to the teacher immediately. Do not try to clean up the spill yourself. 10. Do not eat food, drink beverages, or chew gum while in the laboratory/classroom. 11. Know the location and how to use all laboratory safety equipment including but not limited to the eyewash station, safety shower, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, and fire blanket. 12. Always keep hands away from mouth, eyes, and face while in the laboratory. Always wash hands thoroughly after performing any experiments. 13. Handle all living organisms and preserved specimens responsibly and with respect. 14. As soon as you walk into the laboratory to conduct an experiment, goggles must be worn. No exceptions! 15. Always dress appropriately for the laboratory environment. Tie long hair back, remove all dangling jewelry and loose or baggy clothing. All shoes must completely cover the foot. Rules for Science Laboratories and Classrooms

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