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v.usb Project Design Model - Template Name of Project______________________________________________________________________Today's Date____________________ Goal(s): __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Use bullets for each item and quantify information (i.e. give amounts: numbers, hours, days, %, $, etc.) where possible. Inputs/Resources Things you need to conduct the activities to reach the outcomes (e.g., students, teachers, staff, consultants, volunteers, materials, equipment, space, funding) Activities The methods and actions you will use to achieve the outcomes (e.g., lessons, laboratories, training, field trips, etc.) Targets (outputs) and Tracking For each activity, list number of attendees expected, planned number of hours, days, sessions, etc. and say how you will track actual numbers Outcomes The benefits, changes, or improvements for students, teachers, community members, etc. that will result from the project. Indicate if outcomes are (S) short-, (I) intermediate-, or (L) long-term. May include target numbers/percentages expected to achieve success. Justify targets in the narrative. Indicators and tools to observe outcomes The data you will collect to show that an outcome has happened (e. g., test scores, pre-post surveys, interviews, etc.) and when you will collect it. Impact/Sustainability: How the community is impacted and its role in continuing the work: _________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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