9 Science teachers put these activities to the test, at home

June 12, 2020 Matt Basile

All grades

We may have just closed out one of the most eventful school years in modern memory. Even with all the challenges, we loved seeing how science teachers across the country didn’t miss a beat in giving their students live demonstrations of scientific principles—even while distance teaching.

From Ms. Kennedy's sympathetic pendulums to Ms. Barr's STEM in the sky, these educators went all out, sometimes all the way outdoors, to keep their students engaged in their lessons and inspired by science. These influencers got creative and resourceful to use the activities at home or to make plans for next year.

The best part is that they took the time to share their experience with other teachers looking for inspiration or ideas.

And we were honored to get the shout outs when the teachers found the Ward's Science and Ward's World resources helpful. Hey, that's what we do!

Check out these blogs and vlogs to get inspiration for your next lesson or share them with other teachers in your network.



The Witty Science Teacher

Ward's World Pendulum Lab in the Classroom

In this post, you can read why Melissa Kennedy says, "Whether you're on year one, ten, or twenty, these products were made for you! Here are some top tips on why these would be great in YOUR classroom." This Ward's® Phenomena: Sympathetic Pendulum Lab Activity comes with everything you need to implement 5-6 days of engaging, physical science instruction. This pendulum can be used to cover potential energy, kinetic energy, energy transfer, and wave parts. The materials of good quality. So, they will last through many hands-on experiments.  Check out the video.


Lab Coats N Lattes

Ward's Science: Solar Stew

Ashley Carter had big plans to use the Solar Stew: Investigating Planet Densities Lab Activity as part of her Amplified Earth, Moon, and Sun unit. Ms. Carter said, "I'm a bit bummed I couldn't use it this year, but I already have big plans for it next year!" Check out her IGTV to see her complete review and recommendations for using the kit to teach density and force in your classroom or from a distance. 



Science Lessons That Rock

Fun with Algae Beads

Becca Fanucci asks, "Have you ever used algae beads when teaching photosynthesis?" She shares how to use fun algae beads from Ward's Science when teaching photosynthesis and respiration! Measure photosynthesis and respiration using algae beads. Check out her stories to see how the experiment works. If you've done this experiment before, share your experience in the comments! This page is for science educators to get user-friendly resources for their classrooms. Most resources are also great for homeschoolers! If you are a science teacher or just a science lover, this page is for you!


Just a Teacher From Akron

Upside Down Mason Jar with Water

Chelsea Nicolino asks, "Who says you still can't engage your students during distance learning?" During her live lessons, she poured water into a mason jar and then flipped it upside down. To her students' surprise, the water stayed in the jar even though the lid was open! She said, "This sparked a fantastic discussion on what type of science phenomena they were observing, and why did the water seem to defy gravity?" Ms. Nicolino said, "The Ward's Science Defying Gravity Lab Activity that I used with my students is inquiry-based and has EVERYTHING you need to conduct an experiment with your students."


Maniacs in The Middle

Human Circuit

Josie Bensko says, "This is the Ward's Human Circuit. It' is a great starting point to get the students asking questions about how it works! It only lights up when the circuit is complete (when you or multiple people are touching both ends!). I love teaching through inquiry…this activity gets your students thinking."



Marte In the Middle

Spacesuit Design Challenge

In this video, Nicole Marte shows you the materials for the "Spacesuit Design Challenge." She shares, "…AMAZING resources, free activities, videos, and articles for K-12 content."



Tech Savvy Mama


"As a teacher, I love that Drones: STEM in the Sky provides the ability for students to apply the engineering design process to real-world scenarios in small groups. Everything needed to explore unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) through simple machines and circuits comes in the kit. Learning is aligned with Next Generation Science Standards." Leticia Barr



Blissful Biologist

Backyard dissection with Ward's Preserved Sheep Brains

Hannah Healey warns, "Click out when I say it's time to do the dissection if you are squeamish because I will be cutting into a sheep's brain! The dissection is purely for educational purposes." Her channel is a little bit of everything - travel vlogs, teaching vlogs, & lifestyle videos.



Mrs. Kyle Science

Super Cool Resources

Angie Kyle asks the age-old question, "Who loves free resources?" She says, "…whenever you can use candy in the classroom it's a win, right!!" She showcases The periodic table of candy lesson as one of many "cool free resources from Ward's World." She also thinks the Ward's Elastic Steel Activity is "pretty cool!" Ms. Kyle loves being inspired by these free classroom activities, how-to videos, tips, tricks, and resources that make teaching science easier—and more fun.

We hope you had as much fun as we did learning about the awesome experience these educators shared with their peers and students about a lot of totally nifty science activities. 


Recommended products:


Ward's® Essentials Spacesuit Design Challenge

Students are presented with a defined set of materials and asked to design a spacesuit that can help maintain the body temperature of an astronaut in the extreme heat and cold of outer space. Water-filled "Space Worms" are used as test subjects that mimic the water composition of the adult human body.

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Ward's® Phenomena: Sympathetic Pendulum Lab Activity

Amaze your students with this physical science kit that teaches an inquiry-based lesson on forces. Teach resonance in a creative way. Students learn by questioning what they see. NGSS standards covered

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Solar Stew: Investigating Planet Densities Lab Activity

In this lab activity students will use standard laboratory equipment to obtain mass and volume data for objects representing material from the planets in our solar system. Employs framework principles Matter and Its Interactions (PS1) and Earth's place in the Universe (ESS1).

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Ward's® Essentials Green Glucose Production Kit

Measure photosynthesis and respiration using algae beads. Hands on lab activity aligned to Next Generation Science Standards MS-LS1-6 and MS-ETS1-1.

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Ward's Science Defying Gravity Lab Activity

Witness your student's awe as they perform this inquiry-based activity on intermolecular forces. Teach cohesion and adhesion with an experimental approach. Students learn by questioning what they see. NGSS standards covered.

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Ward's Essentials Human Circuit

Get Hands-On (Literally) with Conductivity. Interactive energy tubes are ideal for teaching students about open and closed circuits, conductors versus insulators, and light and sound waves. An excellent fit for student-generated questions and experimental design. Aligned with NGSS 4-PS3-2, 5-PS1-3, MS-PS2-3

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Ward's® Essentials Drones STEM in the Sky

Engineer an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Apply the engineering design process to real-world scenarios. Unique activity design includes construction of simple machines and circuits. Students apply traditional engineering design processes to create unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), more commonly known as drones. Aligned with NGSS 5-PS2-1; 3-5-ETS1-1; 3-5-ETS1-2; 3-5-ETS1-3; MS-ETS1-1; MS-ETS1-2; MS-ETS1-3; MS-ETS1-4

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Ward's Pure Preserved™ Fully Extracted Sheep Brains (Dura Mater Removed)

Ward's ® PURE Preserved specimens - the best dissection experience from start to finish. Safest specimens. Low formalin odor. Experience quality with true-to-life preservation, combined with artfully illustrated dissection guides.

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