What is climate change? A middle school lesson plan.

Earth Science/Geology Activity – Grades 6-8

Climate change lesson plan

By the time your students reach middle school, they’ve probably heard the term climate change and understand that our planet is warming. But they likely don’t know why it’s happening, what people think about it, and the effect it can have on our environment and our lives. We’ll help you teach them in a way that empowers and inspires them, rather than instilling fear.

This comprehensive middle school unit reveals differing viewpoints, explores established science, and incorporates hands-on research activities over the course of 13 days.

Day 1 – Comparing viewpoints on climate change

Day 2 – Climate modeling

Day 3 – Topography and sea level rise

Day 4-6 – Human health effects

Day 7-8 – Agriculture effects

Day 9-11 – Weather effects

Day 12-13 – Adaptation and mitigation

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As always, if you have any questions about lesson plans or anything else, just ask the Ward’s Science Plus Us team at sciencehelp@vwr.com. Our in-house scientists and technicians are ready to answer even the toughest inquiries.

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