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© 2023 by WeAreTeachers.com and Ward's Science. Teachers may make copies of this page to distribute to their students. ACTIVITY 1 Photosynthesis Diagram Introduce students to an overview of photosynthesis with this diagram. Have students analyze the diagram and decide where each label should go. TIPS FOR USE: • As you teach each part of photosynthesis, refer to this diagram for students to fill in as you learn. • Or assign as a review sheet or homework before your next test. ACTIVITY 2 Reading Passage With Questions First, ask students to read through the provided passage to get an overview of the photosynthesis cycle. Then, students will answer the corresponding questions to test their understanding. Once completed, this sheet can serve as a great study tool! TIPS FOR USE: • Allow students to first learn about photosynthesis independently before your in-class lesson with this activity. • Ask students to highlight important vocabulary words for each step of photosynthesis mentioned. ACTIVITY 3 Maze Try out this unique maze activity! After reading the question, students will shade in the box containing the correct answer. It will then lead them to the next question. TIPS FOR USE: • Use this worksheet as a partner or small group activity to get students collaborating and talking! • Teens like to color too! Pull out some crayons or colored pencils to create a colorful maze. ACTIVITY 4 Scavenger Hunt Place the station cards labeled 1 to 12 throughout the classroom. Give each student the scavenger hunt sheet to fill in their answers. Students can start at any station. Once they answer the question at their first station, they'll find the next station they should be at by walking around the room and finding the answer they just gave in the "previous answer" section on each station card. TIPS FOR USE: • Use this as a fun, interactive review! • This activity gets students moving and is a great way to mix up their learning. ACTIVITY 5 Cut and Paste Have students cut out the answer cards and paste them correctly into the provided chart. They can even color each answer card or draw a diagram or icon to help them remember. TIPS FOR USE: • This printable is for interactive notebooks! Hi there! Welcome to your photosynthesis activity kit, brought to you in partnership with our friends at We Are Teachers! You'll find five different photosynthesis activities to teach and review this essential science topic. See direc- tions and tips for using each activity below. Answer keys are included too. Enjoy! PHOTOSYNTHESIS TEACHER'S GUIDE

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