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5100 West Henrietta Road • West Henrietta, NY 14586 ©2023 Ward's Science All Rights Reserved. Soil Types L o a m S ilt / L o e s s S and G r a ve l C la y A ll uv u m S ile x/ F l in t L i m e s t o n e Sa n d s to n e S la t e S c h ist G n e i s s G r a n i t e V o lcan i c S o il T e x t u r e s S e d i m e n t a r y M e t a m o rph i c Ig n e o u s Digging Deep: A Visual Guide to Earth's Soil Composition Understanding the different soil types and their characteristics is fundamental to studying soil science and its impact on various ecosystems. This visual rep- resents the diverse range of soils found around the world. Use it with your les- son plan to help simplify the complexities of soil composition and classification by presenting the information in an organized and accessible format. It catego- rizes soil types based on texture and composition, providing a quick reference for understanding their unique properties. Soil, Sands, and Gravel Set 470025-214 Sand, Soil and Gravel 470049-620 Gravel 470145-248 Sand 470162-872 Soil Loam/Topsoil 470025-198 Silt/Loess 470025-202 Gravel 470025-208 Clay 470025-200 Alluvium Alluvium is sediment that's found in river beds. It's a mix of coarse sand sand (470025-206), peb- bles (470025-210) and gravel (470092-766, 470012-936). Chert 470025-756 Limestone 470103-720 Sandstone 470025-842 Slate (red) 470026-276 Schist (mica) 470026-244 Gneiss (pink banded) 470026-004 Granite 470026-010 Volcanic Basalt (Vesicular) 470005-178

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