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+ ward ' s science Page 1 What is the density of water? Does 1 mL of water really equal 1 cm3 ? Submitted by: Deonna L. Recommended Grade Level(s): Appropriate for: Chemistry, Biology, Physics and introductory science Time Requirements: Prep Time: 10 minutes Activity Time: 30 minutes Teaching Topics & Concepts: This activity discusses density. It also discusses how units relate to one another. National Science Standards Alignment 5-PS1-3: Make observation and measurements to identify materials based on their properties Materials: • Water • Pipettes • 50 mL Beakers • 10 mL Graduated cylinders • 0.01 g Analytical balances • Metric ruler • 1 cm Graph paper Background Information, Activity Setup: In this lab, students will determine the density of water. Students will also make the connection that 1 mL of water is 1 cm3. Students will practice taking accurate and precise measurements. Expected Results: Results will depend heavily on how well students can read laboratory instruments and create their 1 x 1 x 1 cm box. This lab is also a lesson in significant figures. Students should find that 1 mL and 1 cm3 are indeed the same amount of water. Students should also determine that the density of water is 1.0 g/cm3 or 1.0 g/mL. Teaching Notes: Depending on the abilities of your students, you may want to create your 1 x 1 x 1 cm boxes for your students. If they are not as square as possible, it will hinder the results. To make the boxes print 1 cm graph paper. Cut out a "plus sign" and put tape all over the "plus sign" to laminate it. This will prevent water from damaging the paper. Lastly fold the "plus sign" to make a cube and tape together. This content is being brought to you by the Ward's World, Science By You program. This program brings lesson and classroom activity ideas directly from science teachers around the nation right to you. From best practices to activities, Science by You offers inspiration for every subject and every grade level. Interested in sharing your own content? Learn how today. PMS200 Black 70% Cool Gray 10 Black Astra Regular get for free from dafont.com

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