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+ ward ' s science Page 1 Evolution of Finches Submitted by: Kevin D. Recommended Grade Level(s): Appropriate for: Grades 9–10 Time Requirements: Prep Time: 30 minutes Activity Time: 60–90 minutes Teaching Topics & Concepts: Biology students will construct a lab over evolution and identify beneficial adaptations that Galapagos' Finches could have utilized to survive in their environments. National Science Standards Alignment HS-LS4-3. Apply concepts of statistics and probability to support explanations that organisms with an advantageous heritable trait tend to increase in proportion to organisms lacking this trait. [ Clarification Statement: Emphasis is on analyzing shifts in numerical distribution of traits and using these shifts as evidence to support explanations.] [Assessment Boundary: Assessment is limited to basic statistical and graphical analysis. Assessment does not include allele frequency calculations.] Materials: • Tweezers/Forceps • Plastic Forks • Popsicle Sticks/Craft sticks • Toothpicks • Clothes Pins • Plastic Cups Background Information, Activity Setup: Will need to set up baggies of food. Food includes kidney beans, black beans, cut up rubber bands, cut up pipe cleaners and cotton balls. Students can share all utensils that represent beaks, but should be located in a universal location. This content is being brought to you by the Ward's World, Science By You program. This program brings lesson and classroom activity ideas directly from science teachers around the nation right to you. From best practices to activities, Science by You offers inspiration for every subject and every grade level. Interested in sharing your own content? Learn how today. PMS200 Black 70% Cool Gray 10 Black Astra Regular get for free from dafont.com Safety • Students will be using toothpicks, forks and tweezers. • Review general horseplay and safety guidelines. ! • Sandwich bags • White Kidney Beans • Black beans • Bag of rubber bands • Pipe cleaners • Cotton Balls

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