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+ ward ' s science Page 1 Electric Field Lines Lab Submitted by: Rob S. Recommended Grade Level(s): Appropriate for: Grades 6–8 Time Requirements: Prep Time: 60 minutes (one-time prep) Activity Time: 30 minutes Teaching Topics & Concepts: Static Electricity, Electric Field Lines, Friction, Induction, Conduction. National Science Standards Alignment MS- PS2-5: Force Fields. Conduct an investigation and evaluate the experimental design to provide evidence that fields exist between objects exerting forces on each other even though the objects are not in contact. Materials: • Balloons blown up and tied off. • Wool or fabric to rub balloons and create static electricity. • Baby oil in a clear, plastic container (remove label on one side) to create a visible "window." • Doll hair, synthetic wig hair, (or human hair~ safe as it is housed in baby oil and sealed!). Background Information, Activity Setup: Much like trying to "see" magnetic field lines with iron filings, one can "see" the (static) electric field lines using synthetic hair suspended within baby oil. The small, cut pieces of hair will align directly on the invisible (static) electric field lines. Students can "see" the invisible "arms" that typically reach out and create static cling! Step-by-Step Procedure: • Prepare the lab materials: a. Cut synthetic hair (wigs, etc.) into 3mm pieces. b. Place cut hair into original baby oil (clear plastic!) containers c. Seal up baby oil containers (tape, glue, both) d. Have one baby oil container with cut hair per group of 2–3 students e. Blow up and tie off balloons f. Cut up wool or other fabric that will create static charge on the balloon This content is being brought to you by the Ward's World, Science By You program. This program brings lesson and classroom activity ideas directly from science teachers around the nation right to you. From best practices to activities, Science by You offers inspiration for every subject and every grade level. Interested in sharing your own content? Learn how today. PMS200 Black 70% Cool Gray 10 Black Astra Regular get for free from dafont.com

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