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Page 2 + ward ' s science 5100 West Henrietta Road • PO Box 92912 • Rochester, New York 14692-9012 • p: 800 962-2660 • wardsci.com Find materials for this activity at wardsci.com. Discover more free activities at wardsworld.wardsci.com • Each group receives a balloon, rag, and baby oil/hair combo. • Rub balloon with rag. Be sure no part of one's hand touches where the rag rubs and steals away the static charge. • Gently shake up the cut hairs so that they are not collecting in the bottom of the baby oil containers yet not in movement. • Bring the balloon very close to but not touching the baby oil jar with hair. Ensure both the balloon and baby oil container are up off of any surface that might seal away the electric charge. • Wait approximately 45 seconds as the doll hair will align in rows exactly where the invisible (static) electric field lines are reaching into the oil and attracting the hair! • Have students draw the before and after hair alignments to compare. • Scan, present, and compare drawings with other students and classes. Expected Results: The (static) electric field lines emanating from charged balloon will reach out through space and align the 3mm cut hairs into rows directly on the invisible (static) electric field lines themselves! Teaching Notes: • Discuss creating a static electric charge through conduction, induction and friction. • Connect (static) electric field lines to magnetic field lines: compare and contrast. • Upper levels can introduce or reinforce the structure of an atom: electrons. Electric Field Lines Lab (continued)

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