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+ ward ' s science Page 3 Homeostasis Heroes (student handout) Honors Anatomy Final Project: The League of Homeostasis vs. V.I.R.U.S. They're back and better than ever! The League of Homeostasis has returned to protect humans everywhere from the evil plots of V.I.R.U.S. (Vile, Icky, Really Uncool Sicknesses). Your job is to provide publicity posters to educate the general public about the members of both groups. You must design the hero AND Arch-enemy for a specific body system of your choice. You must create TWO original characters and a story line event in which they battle it out. You may use the internet, class notes, anatomy sites, and comic books to spark your ideas and to help solidify the powers of your characters. DO NOT COPY A PREEXISTING CHARACTER! That means no Osmosis Jones characters may be turned in (or any other similar shows/movies out there). Your characters should reflect the physiologic impact that your system has on the body as a whole — in other words, how it maintains (or breaks) homeostasis. That means you need to focus on function, more than structure! Requirements (60 pt FINAL EXAM grade): 1. Create a digital or paper design. There are multiple different character creation websites you can use. You may use things like slides, docs, drawing programs, infographics…If you do it digitally you MUST PRINT IT OUT TO TURN IT IN!!! 2. All sources for information and ideas must be cited (at minimum give the url) on your drawing(s) or at the end of your digital product. 3. You will include at least 3 helpful and/or 3 harmful effects to overall body homeostasis for each character. 4. You must show how each character interacts with at least 2 other body systems. 5. No late assignments will be accepted, so use your time wisely. 6. You need to utilize the physiology of the body system (ex: sliding filament theory for muscles) and the things that can disrupt it, in order to create at least TWO superpowers for each of your characters. 7. All terminology and phrasing should be anatomically correct and age appropriate. 8. The cohesive nature of your pair of characters is important as well — they should be obviously from the same system. 9. KEEP THINGS SCHOOL APPROPRIATE WHILE MAINTAINING THE CORRECT A & P RELATIONSHIPS. Body Systems to choose from: 1. Integumentary (skin) 2. Skeletal 3. Muscle 4. Nervous 5. Endocrine 6. Circulatory 7. Lymphatic 8. Respiratory 9. Digestive 10. Urinary Examples:

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