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+ ward ' s science Page 2 Wait—Light is Made of Other Lights? (Student Handout) Step-by-Step Procedure: Creating Spectroscopes Cut a small slit (coin-slot sized) on one side of the box, then use your marker to trace around the diffraction grating on the opposite side of the box. You want these to line up—the slit should be vertical and approximately centered with reference to the diffraction grating. Trace a small rectangle about the size of the diffraction grating lens inside of the larger rectangle—you only want to cut out the opening. Next, use your box cutter or utility knife to cut the vertical slit and the smaller rectangle. You want a very thin vertical slit, and an opening that's right around the size of the lens in the diffraction grating. Use clear adhesive tape to tape around the edges of the diffraction lens—this is just to hold it in place on the box; you will use thicker tape to lightproof the assembly later. Fold your box up and begin to lightproof the spectroscope. Tape over all seams, around the diffraction grating, and anywhere else that light may bleed through the box. If you feel that your vertical slit is too thick, you can add tape strips around it to narrow it to your liking. Here are a few pictures of my finished spectroscope. Materials: • Spectroscopes • Different light sources—LED bulb, incandescent bulb, black light, UV light, plant growing bulb, candle, etc. The sun is not a recommended source for eye safety! • Dark classroom (except for light stations) Duct tape works well, but darker colors are recommended as they are less likely to allow light to bleed in. Metal tape such as that used for aluminum duct repairs works extremely well but is a slightly more expensive option. Several layers of any color of duct tape suffice to lightproof the spectroscope. Now you're ready to begin! Figure 3: Grating mounted with adhesive tape Figure 4: Finished spectroscope Figure 5: Note that the slit can be seen through the grating Figure 1: Empty box Figure 2: Inside box with marked cutting areas Name: Class: Date:

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