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+ ward ' s science Page 1 Nutrient Deficiencies Hydroponics Lab #1 Activity What's Wrong with My Crop Lab? Date:______________ Name: ____________________________________ Group Members:___________________________________________________________________ Hydroponic indoor growers often struggle with nutrient deficiency. While nutrients are small, their impact on an indoor farm is enormous. This lab will deepen your understanding on the basics of nutrients, nutrient deficiencies, and how to spot nutrient deficiencies. We have all heard of nutrients for people, but nutrients for plants are a little different; plants rely upon nutrient minerals, which are elements that can be found on the periodic table. (e.g. nitrogen, iron, and magnesium).These nutrients are taken up by the plant and turned into energy. Nutrient deficiencies are the absence of the necessary mineral nutrients in a plant. These deficiencies manifest themselves as stunted plant growth, discoloration, and withering leaves. While plants suffering from nutrient deficiencies are in danger, the process can be reversed by supplementing the plants with missing elements. Identifying Nutrient Deficiencies Identifying nutrient deficiencies is difficult. Farmers need to be aware of the major plant nutrients to spot symptoms unique to each nutrient. Generally speaking, there are a few major symptoms for which to watch: • Stunted plant growth • "Burned" leaves or leaf tips • Chlorosis (loss of green coloration) • Necrosis Lab: Materials Needed: Sample collection of deficient plant samples to analyze under microscope to note which deficiencies our varieties are currently experiencing in the lab. Refrigerate all samples until ready to analyze. Prepare samples with slides for microscope, review • Microscope, • KIMTECH wipes, • Petri dish with collected samples. • Prepare samples with slides for microscope, review – Materials Needed: • Slides • Scotch tape • Petri dishes • KIMTECH • How to use microscope discussion and review before using • What's Wrong with my Crop? Lab • Masking tape • Gloves • Scissors • Sharpies

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