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+ ward ' s science Page 1 Predicting Porosity & Permeability of Earth Materials Submitted by: Macy S. Recommended Grade Level(s): Appropriate for: Elementary Teaching Topics & Concepts: Porosity and Permeability Time Requirements: Activity Time: 1 day Standards: K-2 ETS1-1. Ask questions, make observations, and gather information about a situation people want to change to define a simple problem. 2-ESS2-2. Develop a model to represent the shapes and kinds of land and bodies of water in an area. 2-PS1-1 & 2-PS1-2. (see description above). Lesson Overview: In this lesson, students will be able to predict and investigate the porosity and permeability of different Earth materials through a hands-on activity, testing to see which materials are stronger than others at holding back water. By doing this, students will generate an understanding of how water can leak through different Earth materials to build a dam that is able to hold back more water. • Show a dam video or picture to introduce the concept of permeable vs porous materials. • Ask students, what would happen if there were a lot of holes in the dam? • Define: Permeable and Porous • Students predict which Earth material water will move through slowest and fastest. • Model how students will place one material at a time in a coffee filter in a funnel. Put the funnel over an empty jar. Pour ½ cup of water over the material and time how long it takes to drain all the way through into the jar. Record the result and test two more times with the same material. • Repeat with the remaining four materials. • Record results on the student handout on page 3. • Watch this video: What is a Prediction? This content is being brought to you by the Ward's World, Science By You program. This program brings lesson and classroom activity ideas directly from science teachers around the nation right to you. From best practices to activities, Science by You offers inspiration for every subject and every grade level. Interested in sharing your own content? Learn how today. PMS200 Black 70% Cool Gray 10 Black Astra Regular get for free from dafont.com

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