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+ ward ' s science Page 3 Planetary Adventure Travel Project (student handout) Project Goal: Imagine that NASA has proposed opening up a vacation resort on one of the seven other planets, besides Earth, in the solar system. Your job, is to work with your group to create a mini marketing campaign that promotes one of the planets as being the ideal location for the new NASA vacation resort. For the marketing campaign, you will need to create a travel poster, a short commercial, and a short sales pitch that will be presented to the class when the project is due. Your marketing campaign should look to answer the following questions in order to really promote your planet as a desirable location for NASA's vacation resort. • How will your visitors get to your planet? (Think about modes of transportation, how far is your planet from Earth, and how long it will take to get to your planet. • What type of accommodations (housing, hotels, lodging) will be available for your guests? • Is there water available? If not, how will you get/make water for your guests? • What will your guests eat? • What types of entertainment or activities will you offer your guests? (These should relate to the features of your planet or moon.) • What other unique characteristics does your planet or moon(s) have that would attract visitors? You will work as groups of three to complete the project. Every member of the team will be responsible for completing the research portion of the project. Each member of the group will also take one of the three roles listed below. They will be responsible for leading the completion of their portion of the project by the time that the project is due. All team members are responsible for making sure the projects is finished in its entirety by the deadline meaning that team members may be required to assist team leads in completing other portions of the project that they are not team lead of. If you work in a group of four, there will be two poster making people and two posters must be produced. Position Descriptions: Poster: Draw your poster on a white sheet of paper or complete it using graphic arts software. It is up to the Lead Poster Designer to determine how the poster should be completed. It is the responsibility of the other team members to assist the poster maker if the poster maker asks for assistance. Commercial: Film a short commercial that will help attract vacationers to your planet. You can use any video editing software. Commercials are attention grabbing and informative. Make it so that any viewer would want to come and visit your planet. Needs to be between 1:00–1:30 minutes long. Commercials will be shown in class on the day that they are due. Email the videos so it can be played in class. Pitch: Your marketing pitch, like your commercial, should be informative. Discuss the most important reasons that someone should visit your planet as well as important dangers, travel requirements, lodging, and price that visitors should consider. In your pitch, you should include an introduction to the planet that you chose, a short explanation of the travel poster that your team designed, and an introduction to your commercial. Make sure to get all team members involved in the pitch for full points. You will also show your commercial at this time. Pitch should be between 2:30–3:30 minutes. After assigning a group member to each role, write their name in the correct rubric. Name: Class: Date:

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