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Page 1 Painted Lady Butterfly Species: cardui Genus: Vanessa Family: Nymphalidae Order: Lepidoptera Class: Insecta Phylum: Arthropoda Kingdom: Animalia Conditions for Customer Ownership We are a USDA compliant facility and hold all necessary permits to transport our organisms. Each state is assisted by the USDA to determine which organisms can be transported across state lines. Some organisms may require end-user permits. Please contact your local regulatory authorities with questions or concerns. To access permit conditions, click here. Primary Hazard Considerations Wash your hands before and after handling larvae, chrysalids, adult butterflies, and their food. We advise that you not touch the food with your bare hands (use utensils or wear disposable gloves) in order to limit contamination that can inhibit successful development. Availability Lab-reared Painted Lady larvae, such as ours, are available year-round. When ordering large quantities (more than 20 Sets of 30 larvae) we suggest that you order at least two weeks in advance in order to ensure availability. How Will Animals Arrive and Immediate Requirements • We over-pack each order of butterfly larvae. It is normal to have some deceased butterfly larvae in the container. You will receive at least the quantity of live butterfly larvae stated on the container. • Periodically, the larvae may appear lifeless as they undergo molting. Cold temperatures can also slow down the larvae. Allow the cup to come to room temperature and check back after 1 – 2 hours to make sure the larvae have survived transit. Set of 5 Larvae: The set of five larvae (470188-574) is shipped in one container with enough food for the larvae to complete their development into pupae. It is not necessary to transfer them to another container at this time. Place the container upright at room temperature, out of direct sunlight, and in an area where you can easily watch the development process. The container should not be shaken or disturbed if possible. Set of 30 Larvae: • Sets of 30 Painted Lady larvae (470227-450) come with one cup containing at least 30 larvae, one bag of dry food (follow instructions on bag to prepare), 33 small plastic cups with lids, one spoon, and one paintbrush. Complete kits/habitats also come with a large cage. • The set of 30 larvae comes with food coating the bottom and sides of the cup. There is only enough food in this container to sustain them during shipping. They will need to be distributed into the smaller cups with additional food. If left in the large cup, the larvae will become overcrowded, run out of food, and will soon die. It is best to transfer the larvae when they are between ¾ cm and 1½ cm. This is usually within two days of receiving the larvae. • Due to natural variations in hatching rates, our Sets of 30 larvae will often come with extra larvae. If you wish to raise any of the extra larvae, you can purchase additional media (470180-624) and cups (470227-454) from us. If you do not wish to raise any extra larvae, you can give them to another teacher or parent to raise, or humanely euthanize them by following the disposition instructions that follow.

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