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Eclipse: Test Your Understanding Teacher's Guide + ward ' s science How is a solar eclipse different from a lunar eclipse? During a solar eclipse, the Moon blocks the view of the Sun as seen from Earth, whereas during a lunar eclipse, the Moon passes through some part of the Earth's two shadows. Describe what you would see during a total solar eclipse when the first and last Baily's beads form. Assume a perfectly clear sky. As the Moon barely covers the Sun, the first Baily's bead—a dot of light that is very bright in contrast to the background of the eclipse-induced daytime darkness—forms when photospheric light from the Sun shines through valleys on the edge of the Moon. The last Baily's bead gleams so brightly that it appears as a jewel on a ring, with the band made of the corona. This appearance is known as the diamond-ring effect. Critical Thinking: A scientist observes a lunar eclipse with an umbral eclipse magnitude of 0.5. What type of eclipse is this scientist most likely to be viewing, and why? The scientist is viewing a partial eclipse. Partial eclipses have umbral eclipse magnitudes of less than 1.0, where 1.0 represents a total solar eclipse. The third type of lunar eclipse, a penumbral eclipse, has a penumbral eclipse magnitude and not an umbral eclipse magnitude. Critical Thinking: Describe what a person sees while standing in the Moon's umbra shadow during an annular eclipse, and explain why. A person standing in the Moon's umbra during an annular eclipse would experience night on the Moon because the bulk of the Moon is between the person and a view of the Sun. This person would see Earth in the Moon's nighttime sky and the Earth would have a small dark dot on it, which is the projection of the Moon's umbra.

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