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Page 1 Money to Burn Recommended Grade Level(s): Appropriate for: Middle school and High school Time Requirements: Activity Time: 30 minutes Teaching Topics & Concepts: • Combustion, Chemical Reactions, Enthalpy of reaction, and Flammability • Indicators, Observing, Inferring, and Investigating Background: Does money burn a hole in your pocket? Well, it doesn't burn in this demonstration. With this dramatic demonstration of a combustion reaction involving a solution with a low combustion temperature, your students will be amazed as they watch money (play or real) or paper catch fire, yet not burn at all. Asking students to explain this phenomenon leads to a discussion of enthalpy of reaction, flammability, and flashpoint. Materials: • Paper ($20.00 bill or piece of white paper towel) • lsopropyl alcohol, 99% • (1) 400—mL beaker • Crucible tongs • Container of water (to extinguish the burning paper) + ward ' s science Safety • Read the SDS sheets for all chemicals before using them. • Wear safety glasses, gloves, and lab coat. • Alcohol is highly volatile and flammable. Ensure no open flames are present (candle, Bunsen burner). • Avoid inhalation of alcohol vapors. • Burning drops of alcohol may fall from the bill/paper so ensure the audience is at least 1 meter away and activity is conducted on a table that is flame resistant. • This activity uses flammable materials, so it requires adult supervision when students use it. Or an adult can light and handle the materials for the students. !

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