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Page 2 + ward ' s science 1. Introduction to the periodic table This activity asks students to organize candies according to different properties. As they do, they'll face some of the same challenges that Dmitri Mendeleev, the Father of the Periodic Table, faced when trying to organize the chemical elements over 150 years ago. This 5-in-1 Science Activity Power Pack includes the following activities: Find materials for this activity at wardsci.com. Discover more free activities at wardsworld.com 2. Keeping a laboratory notebook Laboratory notebooks are an organized way for students to keep track of their processes for investigations and inquiry-based experiments. Students learn to capture important detail about an activity, including reasons behind certain changes, specific observations, solutions to problems encountered, and data collected. 3. Exoplanet Identification Demonstration In this activity, students will get hands-on experience with a method to identify the existence of exoplanets. The activity simulates the Transit Method in a way that's easy for students to grasp. 4. A Slippery Dilemma Demonstration In this activity, students will investigate just that as they analyze various concentrations of road salt runoff in pond water to recommend the optimal level for keeping roads safe with the least impact on the environment. 5. Building a Rocket Engine This rocket ship activity will excite your students while teaching basic scientific principles related to chemical reactions, gravity, rockets, thrust, pressurization, and carbon dioxide.

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