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*Note: This lab activity was submitted to Ward's Science by a third party educator for the sole purpose of sharing content and ideas with other educators. Ward's Science is not affiliated with the author of this lesson plan. All product recommendations made by Ward's Science are suggestions for completion or extension of the activity or topics addressed, but are not required to complete the activity. Lab Activity Title: Mole Day Submitted by: Pam Kraus Recommended Grade Level: 11 Discipline: Chemistry Topic: Mole Day Time Requirement: Approximately 45 minutes Required Materials: Copies of Mole contest to post around school and for announcements (optional—see attached) Poster to generate interest (optional) Fliers to hang around the room (optional) 1 copy of each of three triathlon events per team (see attached) Note: I laminate these so I can re-use from year to year 1 piece of paper and 1 pencil per team for quiz event 1 periodic table per team 1 container of approximately 150 grams of zinc per team 1 plastic spoon or spatula per team 1 piece filter paper or weighing boat per team 1 balance per team 1 plastic zip lock bag per team 1 sharpie per team 3 zip lock bags per team, labeled A, B and C, containing 32.06, 64.12g and 16.03g of sulfur respectively; (find mass of zip lock bag and record on Event #3 instructions) 1 blank index card per team Prizes (optional) Stuffed mole for mascot (optional) National Science Standards Alignment Systems, order and organization; Evidence, models, and explanation; Change, constancy and measurement; Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry Lesson Objective The student will: 1. Define a mole. 2. State Avogadro's number. 3. Measure a mole of a given element, using a balance and a periodic table. 4. Identify which sample contains a given number of moles of an element. 5. Work cooperatively as a member of a team. Recommended Ward's Science Materials: Ward's Chemistry Simple Format Periodic Table, Notebook Size Student Grade Filter Paper Ohaus® TJ611 Triple Beam Balance Ward's Chemistry Molarity and Concentration In-the-Bag Inquiry Activity Item No. 470217-470 Item No. 470205-516 Item No. 470012-644 Item No. 470013-952

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