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Density of Tootsie Rolls Lesson Plan

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*Note: This lab activity was submitted to Ward's Science by a third party educator for the sole purpose of sharing content and ideas with other educators. Ward's Science is not affiliated with the author of this lesson plan. All product recommendations made by Ward's Science are suggestions for completion or extension of the activity or topics addressed, but are not required to complete the activity. Lesson Plan Overview Recommended Grade Level: 11 Discipline: Chemistry/Physical Science Topic: Density Lab Activity Title: Density of Tootsie Rolls Lesson Objectives: The student will: 1. Determine the density of 2 different size samples of the same material and compare them. 2. Use a triple beam balance to measure mass. 3. Use water displacement method to find volume. 4. Use correct significant figures when making measurements. 5. Calculate percent error when given the actual density of the material. National Science Standards: Change, constancy and measurement; structure and properties of matter Materials: 2 different sizes of Tootsie Rolls for every 2 students 100-mL graduated cylinder Triple beam balance Weighing paper Water Time needed: Can be completed in one 45-minute period. Preparation for Activity: 1. This activity should be preceded by a discussion of density and a few calculations using the formula for density D=m/V 2. Have students read through attached Activity prior to beginning activity. 3. Set up lab area for students to work in pairs with the materials listed above available for each pair of students. 4. Give attached pre-lab quiz to determine students' preparation for activity. 5. Instruct students to choose 2 different sizes of Tootsie Rolls and record them (midget, skinny or fat) on activity. 6. Instruct students about disposal of Tootsie Rolls upon completion of activity (they may be dried off and used for more than one class). 7. Remind students that Tootsie Rolls being used for this activity should NOT be eaten. (I provide additional Tootsie Rolls to be eaten following completion of this activity.) 8. Remind students to measure using appropriate significant figures and units and to record all data in data table on attached activity. 9. Remind students to show all calculations on attached activity and summarize in calculations table. Student Instructions:

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