How to find safety gloves that fit your needs like…well, a glove.

How to shop for safety gloves

You’re probably familiar with the old adage: “Hands-on learning keeps minds on learning.” Nowhere is that more true than in the science classroom. But science activities can also bring hazards that hands need protection from.

Depending on the activity there can be dozens of gloves available, and finding the right ones can remind you of another old adage – looking for a needle in a haystack. The first consideration is the hazard you’re protecting against – extreme heat or cold, inorganic solvents, organic solvents, cuts or puncture wounds, and more. Then there are questions to be answered, like latex or nitrile? Powdered or powder-free? Disposable or reusable?

We’ve got you covered. Check out this chart to see which glove materials are right for your classroom, then head over to our Glove Selector Tool to find the perfect fit.

And, as always, if you have any questions about glove selection or anything else, just ask the Ward’s Science Plus Us team at Our in-house scientists and technicians are ready to answer even the toughest inquiries.

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