12 clearance items to get you ready for the new year

12 clearance items to get you ready for the new year

Elementary / Middle School / High School

It’s almost time for winter break. Your students are getting anxious about exams and antsy over their upcoming vacation. Meanwhile you’re probably wondering what you’re going to be up to next quarter.

Unfinished business is like a nagging mother: it never leaves you alone until you just do it. Then why not stock for up for the New Year so your mind can rest easy throughout your glorious winter vacation?

Here’s a roundup of clearance items that’ll get you ready for next quarter.

Warning: these big fat juicy deals expire by the end of the year!


1.  There’s almost nothing that rests the mind more than having activities figured out beforehand and knowing what you’ll be doing with the kids. Take your students back to the middle ages with Investigating the Plague: The Black Death Journal Kit. They’ll be learning what life was like in the time of the plague … investigating the possible causes of plague … simulating the spread of plague … decoding cryptic messages … and searching for scientific truth in alchemical processes. Loads of fun.

2.  Does your classroom need a little “pick me up”? Check out this awesome Scientific Method Poster to put up on your wall! It highlights each step of the Scientific Method, so they’re always in plain view for your students. Only $19.99!

3.  You could also put up this Butterfly Life Cycle Display. Another great deal.

Forensic Science

4.  Here’s an activity that’ll make your students feel like those crime scene investigators on TV. With Ward’s Crime Scene Documentation Kit, you lead your class in a series of crime scene simulations, ensuring proper collection and documentation techniques. Very cool.

General Science

5.  Imagine walking into a garden on another planet. Dale Holder has done just that. The Alien Formations: A New Silicate Garden Kit is an endlessly fascinating activity, including materials for 30 students and instructions.

Geology and Earth Science

6.  Let’s face it: sometimes you just have to put on a video. This Discovery Project Earth 9-Pack DVD Set is 414 minutes’ worth of material—featuring the world’s leading scientists putting the most ambitious geo-engineering ideas to the test to tackle global climate change. 30% off!

7.  Check out this cool little Fossilized Fish (Eocene) (in good detail).


8.  Need rigid plastic tubing for your lab? Here you go!

9.  And don’t miss this comprehensive microscope for under $200!


10.  Want to show your students the inner workings of car transmissions, snowmobiles, elevators, and more? Take a look at Mechanical Engineering Models. Easy to assemble and disassemble, too! Three Speed and Reverse Gear are on clearance.

11.  Prepare the new generation of quantum physicists with this Diffraction–Interference–Resolution Kit. Students can see more than 20 different interference patterns and observe the limits of resolution at different wavelengths.


12.  In this Coleslaw Chemistry Kit, cabbage juice is a pH indicator. Students test the acidity of "rain" in a controlled atmosphere. Check it out!


These are some excellent deals. But the early bird gets the worm! Make sure to stuff your stocking with any of these clearance items by the end of the year. Then reward yourself for thinking ahead (ice cream perhaps?).

As always, if you have any questions about clearance items or anything else, just ask the Ward’s Science Plus Us team at sciencehelp@vwr.com. Our in-house scientists and technicians are ready to answer even the toughest inquiries.

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